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Post  Warren Rice on Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:18 pm

Hello to ALL club members and the like.

I am looking at affiliating myself with a local gym and teaching my martial art within this gym.

Magatama is a street influenced fighting style combining techniques and philosophies drawn from years of Martial Arts and security industry experience.
Group classes will be available specializing in:
Weapons training
Confidence and awareness enhancement
Anger management and emotion training
Allow yourself to discover a Martial Art suitable for all genders, fitness and skill levels conducted within a relaxed, friendly and safe environment.

If, & when, my classes begin, they will be held at ME Fitness Centre on Woodcrest Way, Springfield. Exact days & times will not be decided upon until enough interest is shown.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate in contacting me for information. You can get to me by this forum, my personal email address -, or my mobile - 0407 656 616.

Please note: These classes will be unavailable to those under the age of 15. This is due to the fact that Magatama is not to be taken lightly & much of what I teach can be difficult for a younger mind to grasp. If in the future I develop a junior course, I will certainly & quickly spread the word.
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