Division One - Official Fines Thread

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Division One - Official Fines Thread

Post  Steve OMalley on Mon May 10, 2010 6:40 am

Ok Lads, as most of you are aware we have a fines system in place for this season. For those who have not heard yet - I am the fine master for the Div 1 team Twisted Evil
The fines are all fun jokey type piss takes, the proceeds of the which all go into our social fund and will be used to purchase a healthy drinks supply for the end of season break up. It also helps keep our morale up and get everyone having a luagh on game days clown

All the fines are gold coin donations, the exception being cards - Yellow and Blue cards are $5 and a Red will cost you $10.

With that being said the fines from round two against Bayside were :

Luke Van Kuyck - For having the biggest dirtiest beard and mo I have ever seen, it added atleast 12kg to his slender frame. The finable point being his dirty mo extending well beyond his lip line.
Daniel Blake - For the worlds worst half volley on the edge of the box ! I believe Harry Redknap's mum could have scored that...
Ryan Ginard - For writing the words to our new club song... and then forgetting them in the proposed post game sing song.
Ash Sullivan - For scoring a rediculous amount of goals (SEVEN!) and ruining my night ! hehe seriously well done though ash, magic !
Andy Nutton - For not scoring. And for crimes against humanity (being a ranga).
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