Fixtures - Round 5

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Fixtures - Round 5 Empty Fixtures - Round 5

Post  Warren Rice on Mon May 24, 2010 1:14 pm

This week's line-ups are:

Division 1 vs UQ Animals @ UQ St Lucia Oval 2 Field 1 (6:30pm KO)

Keith Hutchinson
Ryan Ginard
Ronan Geoghegan
Scott Muir
Daniel Blake
Patrick Matchett
Steve O'Malley
Richard Hill
Nick Zimmermann
Chris Zimmerman
Ashley Sullivan
Andy Nutton
Luke Van Kuyck
Mitch Neuendorf
Mike Roy
Finn McCarthy-Adams
Brian Wilson
Andrew Brown
Matthew Nolan
Paul Saiyasane
Steve Mairs

Division 2 vs Bayside United @ Randall Oval, Andrew St, Lota (8:30pm KO)

Phil Gregory
James Stalker
Nathan Kaarndorp
David Shaw
Lachlan Andrews
Ray Wrobel
Luke Donaldson
Rob Hernandez
Luis Chalon
Jonathon Lopez
Paul Sciberras
Niyi Ishola
Linton Noon
Ben Sullivan
Brad Butcher
Justin Pereira
Quoc Dinh
Matthew Furner
Bruce Pomate
Michael Weier
Gerson Cuevas
Warren Rice
Warren Rice

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Fixtures - Round 5 Empty Round 5 Results

Post  Warren Rice on Sat May 29, 2010 2:09 am

Hey Gents. I hope everyone came up ok after last night's games. The rain certainly puts a "dampener" on things..... Razz

Last night brought the Div 2 lads a 4:1 loss, but certainly not an easy win for Bayside. Our boys held the defenses strong but just didn't have the fire Bayside had. Better luck next time. Thank you all for you efforts. Our goal goes to Linton for his penalty shot after being smashed by the opposition inside the box. Well done mate.

Last night's fines:

Stalks - for taking sooooo long to get from his car to the field. It must have been 10 mins. Did you park at the Manly Marina or were you fixing you hair? You looked lovely, by the way.... Very Happy
Lachie - for having "old-timers" disease at such a young age and forgetting (or should I say - losing) all our paperwork and one of our bandages. Lucky I had some spare.... Very Happy

On a different point.....

I know it was said last night to my team but this goes for everyone; never forget this is a GAME. At training you all have fun with it and play like pros because you are relaxed and nothing is at stake. On game day, you all often tense up and lose that relaxed, fun attitude. It's as if you think your life is a stake. If you are dominating in the first 10 mins you relax and continue destroying the opposition. If you're getting dominated, you lose all the fire and find it very difficult to regain. Please guys, as you all walk on the park for your warm up and then to play, just think it's another training game with your team mates and RELAX.

I know the second half of this thread may not read very positive and some of you may think I'm angry due to last night's loss, but you could not be more mistaken. I just find it hard to see your faces drop when the game is not going your way. Keep your chins up lads and get back that fun. Remember last week's game when you were all having a great time, except while getting injured hey Mitch...... Very Happy

See you all at training. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Take care.
Warren Rice
Warren Rice

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