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Post  John Rice on Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:41 am

The results of the make up game from Round 4 against UQ FIFTHS. Well, the football GOD smiled upon us once more to give us a win of 2 nil Very Happy . I think it is the Uni ground that puts you fellows off, whether it be the lack of lighting, the size of the pitch itself, I am not quite sure, I just am thankfull we don't play there again this season. The new field settings are beginning to work well because we now have Andy co-ordinating things from the midfield rather than asking where the midfield has gone. Along side him has been Blakey but that will change for next week with the inclusion of Pat. Also we should have Mitch, Finn, and Paul back as well.
Friday night was good to see us put together two great goals that were scored in the first half by "Red Nutt" Ronan and the ever Mr Yellow boots himself, Ashley. It is especially great to see our backs getting in on the scoring mode and so it should be, maybe, our keeper could even get in on the act if a penalty arises, what say Nick?
The second half was rather scrapy to say the least. We seemed to go flat and lost intensity and we looked rather tired. Sorry boys, but I call it as I see it from the sideline, the week before we gave 80 minutes but this week we gave 60 and were fortunate that the opposition could'nt shoot straight or shoot at all. Something we will have to look at on Monday night. I was, however, very pleased to see some combination passes being put together as we did the week before and this will improve the more we practice it at training BUT, we can't practice if YOU fellows don't turn up.
I would like to thank Justin for playing a good game on Friday in the absents of Mitch, Finn,and Paul. Well done mate.
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