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Post  John Rice on Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:05 am

Firstly I must say, it's bloody hard top play an opposition but it's even harder to play against them and the ref! Enough said. Evil or Very Mad
After many shots at goals, we came away with a win and what a goal. From 25 yards, THUMPER Blake made no mistake late in the second half to smash a shot that you will not see better in the world cup. It nearly riped the net off the post. I saw some very good football last night but it came in dribs and drabs and it should be there for the full 90 minutes. Finn, Wombok, and Cokey showed their true colours with some outstanding support plays and through balls that were great to see, I was under the impression that two of these boys were forwards but showed me that they are now midfielders, good work.
As always, we have our very strong back liners made up of Rich, Ronan, Mike, Andy, and Kieth, WHO, without them, we would not be bottom of the ladder but digging a hole further down Very Happy . Keep it up lads.
Being Coach of this team is very difficult in the sense that I have to start some of you on the bench, trust me when I say, if i could start you all, I would. It is my decision to place you lads in the positions I think you play to benifit the teams result on the night, it may even come to par that if I have all injured players on deck, I will have to leave some of you off the team sheet completely and I will, in this instance, pick my strongest squad which you all will appreciate is the right thing to do for your team.
We have a 3,2,1, but last night I think you would all agree with me when I say that 4 points should go to our one fan that was supporting us last night. Well done, I only wish we had a 100 more of him.
Next week we play Kingsridge Logan Utd FC at Gould Adams Park. Evil or Very Mad
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