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Post  John Rice on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:26 am

I must say gents, I have missed the club song, not saying the voices that sing it ain't that good, but, its is a feeling of triumph when I hear it, never the less, I have confidence that this will change and this tune will be heard in the very near future. cheers
Friday night was not a complete loss. I did see some positives, 1st, you showed (not for the whole game) that you can play in the positions layed out and move like a squad, 2nd, talking was an improvement, not a lot, but it was better and it was good football when it was achieved. After the game there was some positive words spoken among you all and I complimemt you all for that.
One of you who out played himself this week was Kieth, don't ask me where he came from or where he got it but I hope he keeps it Very Happy . Wombok also played the best game he has ever played for this club, hope you to can keep that standard of football going Smile. Brian showed he can play in defence and run up to play as an attacing foward, well done Wink .
Maybe if you had a second to think about your own contribution and were you went wrong and perhaps what you could do to improve your own and the teams outlook, bring it to training and we will see what we can do.
You did not loose last week chaps, you just did't win. WHY????? Question
See you at training tomorrow night men. Cool
John Rice
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