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Post  John Rice on Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:48 am

Well, Andy 'RED NUTT' Nutton has finally broke the drought and scored his first goal of the season last night, bloody amazing mate cheers
This game was started with a sign of positive attitude from all players . We had at least 85% of the possession and this was because of the talk and positional passing that you all performed. This resulted in a well placed pass to ginsy on the right and with some, how did he put it, they think i'm MOSES, went through the defence and drove a smashing left foot drive that left the keeper diving but not far or quick enough for the dazzaling footwork that was displayed. Basketball

The next goal was scored from a corner that was taken by Ginsy and some how found Andy in the middle of a pack of players and the ball hit the roof of the net. I don't know what was bigger, the goal mouth or the smile on Andy's face. Congratulations mate, maybe we have found the place where you can do both jobs, defend and score goals. Very Happy

I was very impressed with the standard of team spirit and relaxed play that was performed in the first half by the whole team, and for the first time this year, I had no call to make any serious changes, as though I had any choices. I feel that with a number of substitutes, just to place a fresh player or two on towards the later part of the second half, may have resulted in the two soft goals that were scored by the Logies, not ending up in the back of the ol' onion bag. Rolling Eyes

The first 15 minutes of the second half was all ours again and this resulted in a great goal from Scott who picked out a loose ball in front of the posts and drove home our third one. This made the score 3-1 in our favour, but then, due to the lack of fitness and game play over the past couple of weeks, the home team crept up on us and scored two because of a mix up in the goal mouth with a lot of players from both sides all trying to volley for the ball. No

Later in the half, we had numerous shots by Ginsy, Blakey,Scott, and yes, even a dot shot from Pat, his first I believe, which was saved well by the keeper. Wombok played the best game I have seen this season, well done mate, also, Finn was magnificent in defence and at times in attack and also contributing great technical play to the central midfield , congratulations to the back line of Rich, Kieth, and Brian, who I might add, had a one off high shot from half way on the right wing which beat the keeper and just smugged the bar as it went over the top, what a great goal that would have been. Well done to all.

Next week we have another rest but this time we get 3 points for doing so. We have a few games to make up, one against Bris. Force Bulldogs and a Cup match and they will possibly be played mid-week so stay tuned for those gents. From now on to the end of the season, please make yourselves available for every game.
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