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u13 Game Report

Post  Pye on Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:33 am

On Sat 2 Apr, the draw had us playing Clairvaux FC in our first official game of the season!!

Game on!!

The boys - and girl - came out at the starting whistle like players on a mission!!

After our defeat from the previous weekend, and working hard to fix our mistakes during training, the team certainly looked as if they had learnt some valuable lessons.

In the first half, our attacking skills were nothing short of sensational!! The forwards and halves worked extremely well to pass the ball and push it forward through the gaps in the Clairvaux defence.

Our first goal of the season came from a magnificent run from the back line by Ethal Dodd, who ran 3/4 of the field to nail the ball into the back of the net from outside the 18yard box.

There were a few more goal scoring opportunities that went amiss in the first half, with a screamer from Quentin Dodd hitting the far post and rebounding back into the field of play. Sam Thompson, Tommy McQueen and Jake Jennings also had good opportunities on goal.

The defence in the first half was extremely strong, with all players tightening up in the back line to deny the Clairvaux attackers many real chances to put a shot on our goals.

The second half saw our players run out and start with the same level of confidence and energy as the first half! After a fast start, our players started to run out of steam due to the fact we had no subs! This allowed the Clairvaux FC players a chance to move around and capitalise on our tiredness. Our defence started to drop off slightly and we conceded our first goal in the first 15 minutes of the half.

To their credit, the team kept their heads held high, and fought right back to place 2 shots on then opposition goal in quick succession. Again, our fatigue played a big part, and the opposition was able to score another 3 goals.

Our goalie, Liam Holmes, made some excellent saves, which kept them from making the final score a lot higher.

A big note of inspiration for the players should come from the fact that the Clairvaux coach told me after the game that if we had had some subs, there is no way we would have lost. They were very very impressed with our dedication, skills and teamwork throughout the entire game, and especially in the first half.

Also, a thankyou to Jake Jennings and Madison Thompson from the U11 team for stepping up to fill in the two spots we needed to fill.

Final score: SUFC 1 - CFC 4

Watch this space for a win for SUFC U13!!! After this game, it certainly wont be far off!


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