U6 Magic Game 2 report

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U6 Magic Game 2 report

Post  Pye on Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:35 am

"After learning a few lessons from our first game against Ipswich City Man United, the U6 Magic team stepped it up for game two in front of their home crowd, winning 2-1 over the Colleges United Dingoes, in what was a close game right to the final whistle.

Everyone had fun and of course played really well. On the score sheet this week were Noah Barendse and Aiden Mochan. Aiden is with us on a pay-per-goal contract (apparently!) as he scored a new toy from mum and dad for putting one in the net. (hope this doesn't set a precedent.)

Player of the match this week: Sharon Pesa for some solid tackling and never shying away from the ball."


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