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Match report v Annerley  Empty Match report v Annerley

Post  Nolan on Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:19 am

Match report v annerly 

Springfield has lost it's first game of the season going down to Annerley 2-0 at home. Reverting back to the traditional 4-4-2 we quickly got into our neat passing game and started to build pressure. Unfortunately we couldn't capitalise on our possession and were made to pay as the away team latched on to a loose ball to take the lead. To our credit the boys didn't panic and just got back straight into our improving passing game. Special mention must go to dan Blake, arif and the centre midfielders for tormenting Annerley as most of the good work was starting from these guys. The second half started with  a lot  of Springfield possession but like the first we just couldn't create the final product. Annerley were resigned to the counter attack approach and it appeared it would just not be our night as a error from one of our better players on the night gave annerley the lead. The next 25 minutes was dominated by the Springfield Lads as I changed the formation to 4-3-3 in pursuit of 3 unlikely goals. Lead by inspirational rob underwood and a willing support cast the boys  jut couldn't get the elusive goal.

There were alot of dejected faces in the sheds but we will play alot worse and win. I could tell after the game that Annerley were extremely relieved to get that result. It was just one of those nights. Once again everyone contributed well to the game But standout was rob underwood who picked up man of the match and Ronan  
Received players player and also managed to shut up one of the opposing supporters.  

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