Senior Mens Monday Night Training

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Senior Mens Monday Night Training Empty Senior Mens Monday Night Training

Post  Warren Rice on Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:22 pm

Gents. As was mentioned at training tonight, until further notice John and I will no longer be attending Monday training. We have come to realise that Monday training is not very popular going off the VERY low attendance for the last few weeks. Because of this we feel it is wasting our time as well as the time of those few that do turn up. If you still wish to have a run or kick around, feel free to make your way to the park for when the Juniors train. There is still plenty of field space. I believe they KO at 5:30pm for an hour. If Blakey wishes to stay around, as he is the one with the keys to the lights, then you are more than welcome to have your run or kick around after the Juniors finish.

If in the future we are certain the numbers will grow to an acceptable level, we will be more than happy to return and continue our Monday training sessions. Until then, we will see you Wednesday nights for a 7pm KO.
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