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Post  Ginsy on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:39 am

well its just me...

just letting you know i couldnt help myself and started an indoor football team over here in the US from scratch. Dont worry Im not going to grow it into a rival club nor touch the colours of my baby SUFC (probably because our team name is Victorious Secret).

So its weird over here...indoor isnt indoor at all its outdoor, 6-a-side on astroturf and build inside ice hockey sized 'rinks'. I have a mixed team and it also has other crazy rules like 2 points for a girl that scores and 1 point for a bloke that scores. We won the game 7-6 but because we played a team with heaps of awesome girls we ended up losing 12-10 i think. I scored 3 but that counts for NOTHING!!!

Anyways miss you all and dream of the sky blue most nights (nightmares are still classed as dreams right?). Have been checing the results out still through that mess of a website they call the washing line...womens team for the premiership?


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