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Post  John Rice on Sat May 29, 2010 7:06 am

Well boys, I was just reading the write up that Warren wrote about the 2nd div team and it seems that we are having the same problem. So, what do we do? Well, i agree with him when comes to relaxing and having fun. Very Happy Now, did i not say the same thing to you fellows at half time. That you should play like Wednesday night training Laughing You were down 2 nil, then 2:1, and then 3:1 before half time ande then 4:1 early in the second half. I did not instruct you at all in the first half except for changing Ashley to left wing and moving Ginsy up front with Stevo. Now, this went well because the opposition were on to Ashley and Mr O which allowed Ginsy to creat some havoc and that he did. In the mean time, because UNI scored 3 goals, you all lost the plot and more important, YOU DID NOT HAVE FUN. Sad When you came off at half time, the first thing i said was to stop yelling at one another and talk because you are all mates, you all know the game and by now, how YOUR mates play it, so, talk like team mates. If our opponents score, big deal, they are on the field to do that BUT, that is NOT the time to drop your faces and yell, this should fire you up even more, so, settle down and play like you do at Wed. night training and MOST importantly, have fun guys, when you do, you score goals and when you do that, you are an awesome team and you all showed that last night in the second half boys, start that way and there is not a team in our division that will defeat us. Goal scorers were; Ashley 2, Rich 1, Mitch 1. Well done gentlemen. Next week, we start having fun and at the same time we win games. AGREED? Cool
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